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Jewish-Food is a moderated list for all interested in the discussion of GENERAL aspects of Jewish food which includes the exchanging of recipes, and cooking techniques of Jewish food using Kashruth (laws of keeping kosher). Discussion of the philosophical merits of Kashruth will be discouraged, as well as other facets of Judaism. There is a companion list, Kehillat, where these issues are welcomed.
Other discussion topics included on this list are holiday cooking, sources of Kosher foods, delicatessens (delis, locations, specialties, reviews, and recipes), Jewish cooking history, and Jewish food traditions.

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Classic Jewish-Food Recipe Archives
Here you will find creations from - literally - all over the world since February, 1996. Their mission is to become the premier resource for recipes handed down from generations - many brought over from the "old country," many of which highlight a wide diversity of local cuisine.

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